Winchester industrial Equipment

Winchester has created the most complete, comprehensive and durable line of industrial equipment in the world - specifically tailored to meet the demanding performance, value and safety requirements of the industry.

ring blaster

Ringblaster® Industrial Tool

The Ringblaster® Industrial tool is a heavy-duty shooting apparatus that is designed for multiple industrial applications. The industrial tool is coupled with our specialized Ringblaster® Mount system which has a precision weight balanced construction that helps maintain bull's-eye accuracy, with substantially reduced vibration and recoil. The Ringblaster® can be fired by a manual lanyard operation or an auto fire operation. The Ringblaster® has been used by the cement, lime, and ferro alloy industries for over 60 years. Because it has proven to be durable, versatile and cost effective, it has been the tool that these industries depend on.

Western Industrial Tool

Western™ Industrial Tool

The Western™ Industrial Tool is a portable alternative to the Ringblaster®. This tool utilizes a pistol grip and hanging bracket to allow an operator to shoot and maneuver in much tighter spaces and from a more broad range of angles. It was originally designed to remove ash build-up in power plant boilers. The portability and versatility of the Western™ tool makes it useful for many other industrial applications.

applications for winchester industrial equipment

Rotary Kilns

Use Industrial Tools and loads to remove Nose Rings, Balls, Logs or Ring parts. The Ringblaster Tools is also used to remove the brick lining in kilns. By using the Ringblaster Tool, there is no need to wait for the kiln to cool - you can start removing brick at once. Kiln down time cost savings will pay for the Winchester Industrial Equipment with the first application!

Electric Furnace Tapping

Winchester Industrial Tools and loads are a cost effective, highly economical - and safer-alternative to drill or oxygen lance tapping methods. The Winchester Ringblaster Tool and special Zinc slugs will not contaminate or affect the purity of most products. And, when used with the patented “rifled barrel extension kit,” ricochets are virtually eliminated.

Waste Incinerator

Using the Ringblaster Industrial Tool and loads is the most efficient way o remove build-up off the walls and grates in the incinerator. These loads can also be used as part of a regular maintenance program to prevent build-ups while the incinerator is on-line.

Cooler Area

Use Winchester Industrial Tools and loads to remove Snow Men or Christmas Tree material build-up problems in the Cooler area that inhibit your Rotary Kiln operation.

Silo Cleaning

Winchester Industrial Equipment and loads can be used to knock down the build-up in the Silo.

Power Plants

Winchester Industrial Tools and loads are designed to minimize the potential for damage to boiler tubes. These loads can also be used as part of a regular maintenance program to prevent excessive ash accumulation while the plant is on-line.

Burner Nose

Build-up around the kiln burner pipe can also be easily removed during kiln operation using Winchester Industrial Equipment and loads.

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